edomz (edomz.com) One of the best popunder networks in the world, they offer competitive CPM rates second only to PopAds. If you are looking for a strong reliable network with a big inventory for all GEO(s), edomz is a solid choice.


Payment Proof

edomz Payment Proof - PopupReviews.com

edomz Payment Proof $210.39 USD

Statistics Sample

edomz CPM Statistics Sample - PopupReviews.com

edomz Statistics Sample


Alexa Global Rank: 72000 (They use a different domain for traffic)
Payment Frequency Net-30
Minimum Payout $10
Payment Methods PayPal, Payza, Moneybookers, Wire
Minimum Traffic Requirement None
Accepted Websites All types of websites, Adult and Warez too
Additional Information Reliable network, high CPM rates, big inventory for all GEO(s)

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